In January 26th, 1981, Travel Times started its journey to become one of India’s most trusted tour operators. Our humble beginnings from being train ticket booking agents to being resellers of package tours, that later transformed to being domestic tour operators after a great turmoil that later branched to international, inbound and outbound operations. 

We got recognized by the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism in 1998 and later carried out many successful mass tour operations that continue to be our pillars of strength. Drawing inspiration from every sincere Traveller’s thirst to witness and explore this magnificent country, we rode our wheels through inexplicable cultures, indigenous traditions, breathtaking landscapes and ageless heritage with utmost care despite all odds and today it feels paid off. 

We remember the awe in every curious student face witnessing the remains of bygone eras, we relish the moments of joy and ecstasy felt by honeymooners and families when they felt the air of serenity, be it the chilling heights of the Himalayas or at the backwaters of Kerala.. we felt blessed every time we enable a seeker to fill his soul with spirituality. 

In our eyes, every day is a celebration, because, every tour departure marks the beginning of a journey of joy and every arrival is contentment for our customers. Every milestone we have touched is not only the result of our commitment to tourism but is a constant reminder of the success we’ve built of passion. 

Standing witness to all your good times, we hope you would like to keep our company through all your tour and travel needs in the future, too.

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